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09-03-2005 11:45:21

I wasn't scheduled to get it until Friday, but it came today. I do not see the ilife dvd in the box anywhere though. For those of you that received it already did yours come with it?


09-03-2005 12:03:18

its not in the box, so to speak. its in the square construction-paper-texture thing thats on top of the Mac mini that has "Designed by Apple Computer" on the top of it.


09-03-2005 12:05:24

I looked in there and the cds I found were the os x and os 9 discs.


09-03-2005 12:13:03

iLife '05 installs itself with OS X - it's all on one DVD.


09-03-2005 12:46:26

Yah.. mine didn't come with iLife either... Thought it was only me and i was scared..

But yah I see its pre-installed. The early mac mini reviews didnt have iLife installed and came with the CD.

Oh yah, I'm typing this from my free Mac Mini as well.. )


09-03-2005 12:52:32

more pictures!


09-03-2005 12:55:06

Thanks. I just checked the OS X disc and it looks like ilife isn't on there. I am wondering if it was a mess up though. I noticed an earlier post with pics on Brag Brag from the user TheFellatingBeefalo which his is from Gratis and does have an ilife 05 disc pictured. Maybe some have it and some don't.


09-03-2005 13:23:20

wierd, i DID get an ilife CD its green it says ilife install DVD... this came under the thing that said "designed by apple in california"



09-03-2005 14:49:34

I just searched the forums on Apple and it looks like the earlier minis came with a seperate disc for ilife. New minis with OS X disc version 1.1 do not seem to come with the seperate ilife disc. When I get home from work I am going to do a clean install with my disc so I don't have all the extra languages installed to save some space. I'll let you know if it installs ilife when I do that.


09-03-2005 17:31:07

I guess some of us got different versions. Mine had the older iLife on the OS X DVD but came with the iLife 2k5 DVD.


09-03-2005 20:01:18

I did a reinstall of OS X tonight and sure enough the ilife 05 apps were part of the OS X install DVD.


09-03-2005 21:05:10

I always re-install apple oses - they put so much shit you don't need on there.


09-03-2005 21:21:16

That's true of any manufactuer's computer. I'm really proud of how Apple's doign it now though since the DVD has all of the pack in software as install OPTIONS. That's the way to make a "restore" disc!


25-03-2005 14:40:00

How many of your guys referrals came from people you know personally??


25-03-2005 14:58:39

[quote2bacd21cdd="Rich"]How many of your guys referrals came from people you know personally??[/quote2bacd21cdd]

What do you mean 'know personally'? Most of my referrals came from people I knew previously online or in real life.


28-03-2005 07:21:45

My referrals were all from people I know. Friends and coworkers. I had just received my free iPod right when the minimac site opened so it was easy to convince them this time around.