Time Extension after 120 days limit!

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28-12-2008 00:15:24

Hi Freeipodguide and Freepay community , I have completed 18/20 on December 21 and I had until Dec21 2008 to refer 20/20 to get Free Imac now its to late... I have 18/20 and we are dec 28 Is it possible for Freepay to extend my time ? I have sent them a 2 tickets but they seems to never answer to peoples , please help me It was hard to get 18/20 and now my time is over If someone here from freepay admin community or from freeipodguide forum tell me what to do

Thanks for your Help anyone that respond to this message


28-12-2008 07:51:47

good luck...that's all I have to say...


28-12-2008 08:25:12

FreePay only seems to respond to support tickets every few months or so.


05-01-2009 11:21:31

I have to wait some months then..
this is very .. ridiculous.. 18/20 on dec 21 time limit (


05-01-2009 14:47:43

To my knowledge they have never granted an extension. I think the time limit was a primary reason for the downfall of Freepay's popularity among the freebie community. They used to be the standard bearer for the rest of the of freebie industry, but really went downhill after those changes were made. I'm surprised people still do them...


05-01-2009 14:48:16

I'd have to imagine they aren't going to be very lenient with their time limit. They have it there for a reason and just made a killing on your account! But I could be wrong!


05-01-2009 16:37:41

Dear god I feel sorry for you................


05-01-2009 17:06:42

That really sucks man. I remember when I did FreeLaptops for an iBook and it took a lot of work to get 20 referrals. Good luck.


05-01-2009 17:54:38

LOL, this thread prompted me to login to some of my old expired Freepay accounts to see if I could still get to my status page. Check out these yellows

http//www.morrisonline.us/pics/freebies/FreepayPS3.png[" alt=""/imga22bbdb933]
[img="a22bbdb933]http//www.morrisonline.us/pics/freebies/FreepayLaptop.png[" alt=""/imga22bbdb933]

13 greens out of nearly 1000 yellows...


15-01-2009 01:29:04

lol nice.. me i had 18/20 I know that there is a possibility of time Extension because I know some peoples in the past that did it.. but now.. I dont know...

Well maybe there is an Admin from Freepay that can Fix my situation here.. I dont know or maybe they have a Customer phone support?


15-01-2009 05:42:48

Freepay doesn't have a rep here anymore.
I have never heard of people having an extension granted. That's how they make their money. They cash in on uneligble credits. Send them a new support ticket every day.