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22-08-2008 15:12:39

If I'm doing a deal on, for instance,, I understand that I cannot do another on But I can't tell if I can do a deal on - for instance, Can anyone clarify this for me? Thanks!


22-08-2008 15:28:11



22-08-2008 18:14:13

To answer your question yes, you can do each Freepay site one time each. You can never repeat the same site again.

As zr's post alluded to, Freepay isn't the popular site they once were, and have seriously fallen out of favor in the freebie community, so I'd suggest a different network, especially if you're just starting out. You'd rather have a good first experience than a bad one.


22-08-2008 18:44:26

People on a4f have been receiving tons of gifts from them recently in the past months...

I think their CS still sucks and they got rid of their ring tone offers but other than that, their shipping gifts still