Anybody else having trouble verifying their account?

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19-08-2008 02:04:26

Hello, I'm using freepay to get a laptop and I noticed that whenever I recieve an email from them it's just a blank (as in white) email with nothing on it. This is especially troubling since I need to view their emails in order to verify my account! Any ideas?? I sent a support ticket but who knows how long that'll take, any suggestion would by good. If it means anything I use GMAIL but I also got the same results when I tried an AOL email address.

Thanks in advance!


19-08-2008 04:27:39

Sounds strange. Have you views the raw message source to see if it contains anything, maybe a markup bug that is causing the content to be hidden?

I don't think you're going to find many people here doing Freepay nowadays, certainly not any of the vets. Gratis/Freepay was a pioneer of this industry -- most of us started out with them and they were great, up until they instituted expiration dates retroactive to signups, stopped responding to support tickets, and took forever to ship. They're certainly not very popular in freebie enthusiast circles anymore.


11-10-2008 23:12:27

i had the same problem, so what i did was send a message to via there support and told them my problem and they verified all of my freepay accounts


05-11-2008 16:05:22

im having the EXACT same problem, eh, i thought it was only me, i guess ill try contacting support like the above poster said...