PSP Game Prices

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02-03-2005 09:26:23

so i was at my local EB today and they have a display out with the game boxes and psp box. Looks like the games will be retailing for $39.99 which isn't that bad if it's as good as the ps2 or close and definitly better than the GBA and DS.


02-03-2005 09:45:00

i've seen some games at $39.99 and most at $49.99 online. what games were 39.99? all of them?


02-03-2005 09:45:59

yeah all of the games at eb were $39.99


02-03-2005 19:45:15

that is really good news. i still am having trouble deciding what I want.


02-03-2005 20:20:38

I want coded arms.


02-03-2005 20:25:15

i'm gonna have to be convinced on the controls for a FPS on a handheld. i want to check out one racing game (still yet to be determined) and probably tiger woods if it ends up getting a good review. i'm interested in the action RPG as well - but only if they get online working with it.


04-03-2005 01:07:31

The Ridge Racer game I pre-paid was 39.99+tax. From Babbages.


06-03-2005 12:45:06

I think I'll get a phree game off of phreepsps.