Account hacked

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08-02-2008 06:59:23

2 of my accounts on freepay have been hacked

both istuff and ps3

it was after i verified and placed my order

can anyone help me please


08-02-2008 07:00:21

Nobody here can help you with a Freepay account problem. You'll have to contact them.

I'm curious though how were they hacked and what did they do?


08-02-2008 07:01:43

i got told here that there was a freepay rep here

they changed the email and password on my account so that i cant login


08-02-2008 07:02:53

someone by the name of Jake


08-02-2008 07:05:23

[quotedaab550b27="joewarne11"]someone by the name of Jake[/quotedaab550b27]

That was years ago...


08-02-2008 07:10:40

freepay dont answer support tickets for ages


08-02-2008 07:51:26

[quote18348ce9c0="joewarne11"]freepay dont answer support tickets for ages[/quote18348ce9c0]

That is true.


08-02-2008 07:58:48

no-one here had this happen before?


08-02-2008 08:05:07

[quote592d463dbe="joewarne11"]no-one here had this happen before?[/quote592d463dbe]

Not hacked... you might have been tricked by someone? Have you provided your details to ANYONE?

No one around here really does freepay because of their lack of support and slow shipping times and lack of offer selection


08-02-2008 08:30:08

it was the network claimitfree that hacked it


08-02-2008 09:21:06

Yeah I heard they were a scam site. If you google around or look around their webpage, im sure you can find an email addy to contact.