Question regarding refering self

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25-02-2005 08:51:17

Question With, could I make a new account under my current account using a different computer (therefore a different IP address) and different e-mail account and then complete an offer to refer myself? or does Gratis have access to the details of the person who completed the offer through the sponsoring company?

I'm having a heck of a time getting my last referrals and it seems like no one wants to trade with because they already have an account with them...


25-02-2005 08:55:18

That would be cheating.. not a good idea.


25-02-2005 09:13:44

I wouldn't even try that. That is a violation of the TOS, and is NOT a way to get your iPod)


25-02-2005 09:19:15



25-02-2005 09:22:27

okayyyy... lisighsli another evil plan foiled by terms and conditions ;)


25-02-2005 14:12:39

do and you get placed on hold and denied the chance for a free ipod by gratis. talk about it here and you get denied your chance to visit us again.


25-02-2005 15:27:25

It will work as long as you don't use the same credit card to complete an offer twice. Gratis will still get paid, so I don't see what the big deal is.