shopfreepay will not answer emails, will not give prize

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12-09-2007 12:43:13

Hey GratisAaron,

All of my offers to receive an 8gb iphone on my site have been approved, and suddenly, the iphone disappeared from my site. I was going to receive a 595 giftcard instead, but none of my emails have been answered since August. Is there a way I can contact ShopFreepay or Gratis directly to solve this problem? I've followed all of the terms and conditions correctly and am keeping my end of the deal, shopfreepay should keep theirs. Thanks!

Freddy Fred

13-09-2007 06:56:16

I have been trying to get answers from them via e-mail and support inquries for 2 weeks.

I signed up for the free 4gb Iphone which is 10 referrals. Apple has since done away with the 4gb and lowered the cost of the 8GB phone by $200.

Wanted to know if they plan on adjusting the referral requirements but like I said above, no response.

Still no response today It's been 2 weeks and getting closer to the 90 day deadline. Plus a number of my referrals who have legitimately completed offers have not gone green yet. One even went black. So far paid for 7 referrals and think I am going to get a big one up the backside here!

Wish I would have waited for the TRAINN iphone site, but wanted to get my hands on one and Trainn didn't have a site at the time. WILL KNOW BETTER NEXT TIME!


19-09-2007 19:25:26

GratisAaron signed up June 22 and hasn't been back since. In my experience, Freepay has the WORST customer service I have ever seen, so I wouldn't count on a reply any time soon. Sorry to not be more encouraging, but................

If you do get a customer service ## or email that works, please let us all know.



19-09-2007 19:35:07

GratisAaron is constantly on A4F, go there and msg him.