No more paper approval

Live forum:


10-08-2007 08:00:49

Time limit is increased to 120 days

And there is no paper approval form to mail in anymore, all online.

They are starting to look more enticing. I wonder how their crediting is?


21-08-2007 18:00:57

I would like to know if anyone is able to complete the laptops only has 7 offers. Can an offer be replaced with a referral? Just wondering.


27-08-2007 23:28:17

hmm i might get on a freepay site. Im sure it wouldnt be hard to get refs.

No paper? I bet they approve faster now.


04-09-2007 07:58:15

Just because their processes/policies have "improved", doesn't mean their fulfillment practices will.

Freddy Fred

07-09-2007 09:15:35

Currently signed up for Freepay Iphone site which is still requiring 10 referrals for 4gb Iphone.

TRAINN has already changed theirs to reflect Apple's price drop on the 8gb. Only 8 referrals needed now.

Have never had issue with Freepay. Hope they change the referrals needed for this site.