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22-07-2007 13:02:06

[be1552fb179]Ok i need 5 referrals to get my ipod please use mine on http// thank you for subscribing with this ID. If i get the 5 referrals and got the ipod my brother will do the same thing for you. Thank you.[/be1552fb179]


22-07-2007 13:03:45

No ref links and please use the trading post for trades, not this forum.

Also, read the BIG RED BOX at the top and look over the rules before you start posting and things for you will go a lot smoother on this forum.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me and ill help you out a little and get you started. There are also many other members of this forum who would be glad to help you out.



22-07-2007 13:53:04

i love cavs too


22-07-2007 13:57:02

[quote94b7f25d9a="terricor"]i love cavs too[/quote94b7f25d9a]

That's nice, now remove your freaking ref link.


22-07-2007 14:06:55

Removing the ref-link and temp-banning, since you obviously read zr2152's reply and SHOULD have read the rules. In light of that and the fact that my patience has worn quite thin on new members not reading the rules before doing something stupid like posting a ref link, you've earned yourself a 5-day temp ban. When you come back, do not post again before fully familiarizing yourself with the forum rules.