Does anyone recommend these sites?

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17-07-2007 09:11:07

Hey, I was just wondering if anyone still does these sites, and if they have luck or not. I was interested in doing one, but I've heard some people say this network isn't that great.


17-07-2007 09:33:30

If you think you can get all your refs in 90 days, then they're worth a shot.


17-07-2007 11:00:12

You'll have better luck with their DIY site
They ship really quick on this site but not their referral sites.


17-07-2007 11:37:34

A year and a half ago they were the best in the business.


17-07-2007 11:54:03

[quote3bee559da5="tylerc"]A year and a half ago they were the best in the business.[/quote3bee559da5]

ahh I miss those days. 1 Week approval and about immediate shipping.... (

Freddy Fred

23-07-2007 08:58:49

Never had any issue with Freepay. Currently signed up for the free Iphone site they have. Offering $20 via paypal for referrals who green.

Message if interested.


30-07-2007 20:41:52

I have had major issues with Freepay. I did complete my referrals in the 90 day time frame, but they have refused to credit my last referral, and since the 90 days is up, I do not have the option of replacing him with someone else.

[b3b077b6070]I wouldn't do Freepay again if you paid me.[/b3b077b6070] They have the worst customer service I've ever seen. Support tickets go 2-3 weeks or more without an answer, and are often closed without ever replying. There is supposedly a support person here on the forum, but I PMd him over a month ago and have yet to hear from him.

My advice - AVOID FREEPAY. There are lots of other networks that are much better.