3 rings of death!!!

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16-06-2007 00:09:19

I just got the 3 rings of death on my 360 that I got from freepay in November of 06. Does anyone know if I will be covered by the Microsoft warranty when I don't have any kind of receipt?


16-06-2007 00:12:12

Yeah, it is. All you need is the code on your back. I had to send mine back because of the 3 rings (got it from freepay as well), worked fine.. sent it back and got a new one.


16-06-2007 00:27:51

What a relief...I just looked and I got it in September, not November. Unless freepay bought it and let it sit for 3 months I should be okay.


16-06-2007 12:33:15

dont you get a reciept when the box comes in from whatever store it was bought from. When I got my 360 from Trainn there was a reciept from amazon in the box.


21-06-2007 08:35:00

Trainn is the best that's why.
And Freepay...Well they just suck.