I need help

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13-06-2007 07:00:29

Hi GratisAaron,

I have been

"[b4b96bb62ce]Status - Order Received, Estimated Ship Date Based on Product Availability[/b4b96bb62ce]"
since 6/16/06 422 pm

I requested the $500 Gift Certificate when given the option in an e-mail from customer support, but I have not gotten the gift cert or any response from customer support. The website will not even allow me to send a message to customer support. I understand that you guys have a lot of orders to fill, but it will be a year next Wednesday that I have been waiting.

My order number is 505241
My Freepay PS3 ref id is 25707382

I am willing to take either the PS3 or the $500.


PS my pS# site will not allow me to send any messages to support and the e-mails sent to email==CS@freepay.comCS@freepay.com=CS@freepay.comCS@freepay.com/email are not answereed.


13-06-2007 08:21:48

Gosh a full year?!?!...I sure hope they help you


13-06-2007 09:38:00

I never liked dealing with freepay.