My FreePay Order Status???

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11-06-2007 06:22:04

I submitted my order for my free Louis Vuitton handbag back on 02/07/2007 and the estimated ship date was 03/08/2007. It is now 06/11/2007 and it still has not shipped. x

I sent several customer service emails through their site and they just go unanswered. I know these LV handbags are not on backorder and can be obtained very easily. There is no excuse for this kind of delay. Does anyone know their phone number and/or and email address? Does anyone have any tips on who to contact or how to light a fire under their tails to get them to ship my handbag that was due to me several months ago? Heck, I only needed 10 greens and I got them 12! x

Thanks in advance for your help.


12-06-2007 12:27:46

Any shipping status w/ Freepay = SOL

You'll probably get the bag, but you might as well get used to waiting. Chances are you will be for a while still.


13-06-2007 05:22:20

Well I filed a report with the BBB in the hopes of maybe they can kick FreePay in the butt and get them motivated enough to ship my bag. I mean this is just ridiculous. I can understand a delay if this were a PS3 or a Wii, but these friggin' bags are readily available. This bag was supposed to be a Valentine's Day gift for my girl, but that time has long since passed... x