Can someone please tell me how this can happen?

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06-06-2007 19:48:52

To make a long story short, I have a newbie from Canada. Did an offer for me on xbox360.ogf. Put in cc info, clicked submit, got a blank white page.
Does another offer, columbia house. Same thing. Blank white page.
A little while later, gets confirmation emails from both, but got no credit.
Checks his spam folder, 2 emails congratulating him on getting his credit.
He was never on Freepay, never even left my ogf site. Thought the offers didn't work, now been charged for both and has his credits on freepay.
Does ANYONE have any clue as to how this can happen? And what to do? I have never done a freepay site, don't have a clue who runs them or anything.
Any help is appreciated!


09-06-2007 11:45:36

How can he have credit on freepay, if he's never been there...How would he even have a freepay account?

If he had been logged into freepay before doing your site, it's possibly a cookie problem and he should have cleared everything out first.


09-06-2007 11:53:34

Hmm, I wonder if this is a problem caused by using the Gratis Network publisher...


09-06-2007 12:22:29

I have gotten some information from some other canadians that this does happen. Somehow it gets redirected there, smiley central and a couple other places. Bad thing is he had 2 offers credit there, and now they are wasted.