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27-04-2007 10:01:18

I noticed that freepay has the older core duo listed, but apple doesn't even sell those any more. They now sell the core 2 duo. Does freepay have a bunch of old stock models or do they send the latest model? It would be nice to get the newer model, but I won't hold my breath.

Also, I have all my offers completed but only have credit for 3. How long can it take to get approval for these offers?


27-04-2007 10:07:46

Check That is/was their primary vendor. If PCMall still has that one, even at clearance, that's what Freepay will send you. (and keep the change)

I speak from experience.


27-04-2007 10:16:33

sweet. They don't have the core duo any more either. Just core 2 duo.

Thanks for the response. Now back to the waiting game.

Any idea on how long these approvals can take? I completed them all on day one of my 90 days... they can't take the full 90 days can they?

btw, I love the avatar


27-04-2007 10:21:16

Well, that doesn't mean they deal only with them, but I'd sooner assume you'd be upgraded if PCMall don't have it.

Approval took less than a week for me (IIRC), order and processing took much longer.