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09-02-2005 16:08:16

I was put on hold last week after a 2 week "approval" attempt. I requested for approval on Jan 17th, was put on hold Feb 3rd.

I e-mailed Gratis telling them the story, which I have posted before.

I referred my dad, but we are not a part of the same household. I live in Massachusetts, himself in California. I told Gratis this, and they have not responded to my customer service claim in a week.

Why is it taking them so long? They say they will answer customer service things in 2 days? This is a long, painful process.

Any help or advice is appreciated!



09-02-2005 17:04:54

Nothing we can do to help...just wait it out. If they don't reply in a few days submit another support ticket.


09-02-2005 17:30:02

Did you use a different computer to sign up your dad? and different credit cards?


09-02-2005 18:45:09

My dad signed up from his computer, at his house in California. Mine from mine in Massachusetts.

The only thing that was similar about our accounts was the BILLING ADDRESS on our credit cards are both to the house in California.

We have different credit cards, with different credit card numbers. We don't live together.

The Terms on the Gratis site say no more than one account to the same household. We are not a part of the same household.