How amusing is this??

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13-04-2007 07:28:30

I am waiting on missing credit requests for three of my referral on freepay's xbox site. When I logged in today (my 90 day cutoff), this is the message I got

Your Next Step
Unfortunately you did not complete the requirements to receive your free product within the necessary time period.

You can still get a free product! You may begin a new account today for any of our other products at

Like I would go to a different freepay site!! evil Freepay's Customer service is the worst I have ever seen - I have 3 open support tickets (one open almost a month) without any answers other than the "automated reply" which never really even addresses the question.

My refs were all within the 90 days. We'll see how this works out.



13-04-2007 07:51:04

Yeah, you'll get the expiration but if all your credit requests are approved then they'll pay.

For awhile there it looked like Freepay was improving and really pulling themselves out of the slump they had fallen into, but I'm starting to see a lot of complaints again.

/stares forlornly at the 300+ yellows and 9 greens on laptops.freepay... (


17-04-2007 08:04:57

Yah, but what if one of my ref's credit is denied?? Do they get a chance to do another, or am I just out of luck???

This site (xbox360s.freepay) has the WORST customer service I've ever seen, and there's not a chance I'll ever do another. When I look at all of the better options out there, I'm not sure why I even started this one (newbie mistake maybe).