Does Jake still exist around here??

Live forum:


12-04-2007 16:15:19

Does anyone know if Jake - listed as the Freepay rep in the moderators link - still comes here?? I sent him a PM almost a week ago and it's still in my Outbox.

If not, is there another Freepay rep?? Any better solution than support tickets that NEVER get answered??



12-04-2007 16:50:14

Sadly Jake has left us. He's been gone for months, maybe even a year? As of now there are no Freepay Reps on the forums.

You can always try to open a support ticket through freepay. Just remember to view your support ticket and copy and paste the question again. This will bypass most of their automated responses.


12-04-2007 17:04:29

Jake left FreePay quite a while ago, and left the forum about the same time. Unfortunately, people took their frustrations about FreePay out on him, so he didn't feel like sticking around after he left FreePay.


12-04-2007 18:28:06

Guess that explains why he didn't answer my PM roll

His name should probably be taken off the moderators link at the top of the Freepay screen.

I have opened 3 support tickets on Freepay - one of them three weeks ago, and no response to any........... lisighli

Don't think I'll be doing Freepay again - but I want to get my prize I worked for.

Thanks for your help.