How long it takes for customer service to reply

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07-04-2007 08:33:21

Have tried to verify my account through e-mail link many times now and it failes every time. submitted support ticket on 4/3, so far nothing.
Also how long people suppose to wait for their completed offer to be credited before submitting a ticket?
Thanks to everyone.


07-04-2007 21:47:04

I recently put one in and it took about a week. shrug It's freepay.


08-04-2007 15:12:04

Get ready to wait a week or two..


08-04-2007 22:42:15

I've submitted a ticket on march 3, still no reply. sent another ticket on march 27, still waiting on that too. is there any other way to contact them?


09-04-2007 06:10:04

Thanks. They've just send me special verification e-mail and it did get through. so it was OK.


09-04-2007 07:13:06

I opened a support ticket almost two weeks ago, got the automated response (which did not even remotely answer my question !!), replied as such, replied again after a week, and still no answer. Meanwhile my 90 days will be up this Friday, and I still don't have an answer.

I will NEVER do these sites again !!!



09-04-2007 09:27:15

i opened a ticket and never received a reply, then the ticket was closed after about a month. I opened another and still no reply its been about 2 weeks I HATE FREEPAY!!!


14-04-2007 19:27:41

How long does it take??? FOREVER has been my experience. Other than the "automated reply" that never really addresses the question I asked (after all, I'm bright enough to have already read the FAQs !!), I have never gotten a response from a real person..........