Freepay is freaking garbage!

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28-03-2007 12:17:39

Check this out, I sent in my approval form on February 8th and as of today, March 28th

Thank you for mailing your approval form. We have received it and have begun processing it. Please check back regularly for the outcome of our processing.


They claim to have received my form about 2 weeks ago when it was shipped off to them on February 8th...

Is there a phone number I can call? I want to speak to someone there....


28-03-2007 12:25:49

Don't think you'll get phone support, but at least you got a support ticket answer.


30-03-2007 09:06:28

Freepay finally answered the BBB complaint and said I was on hold [be9d64c7f09]For multiple email addresses[/be9d64c7f09]..... No correct, I changed my email address via the account update page and I have to wait for them to respond.

Why couldn't they just tell me up front?