buyers advantage - circuit city gift card

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05-02-2005 12:54:39

i signed up for buyers advantage through a gratis site (i think, i don't know if it matters if it was under gratis or oc) and i never got the second email w/ the link to apply for my circuit city gift cards like i did w/ complete home and the lowe's gift card. someone posted the link to apply for the circuit city cards from buyers advantage and i used it to fill out my info to get the gift card. however, i just received my membership information from buyers advantage in the mail today and enclosed was a postcard that you're supposed to mail in to get your gift card. should i fill this one out too?

i still haven't heard of anyone receiving their circuit city gift cards from buyers advantage or great fun.


05-02-2005 12:56:44

My friend did that offer and in her welcome e-mail it mentioned that a packet was coming to her home with a form for her to fill out and mail back in the enclosed envelope to get her gift card.