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01-03-2007 05:28:26

Hey who has done the offer and how long did it take to credit? I finished it last night but I want to know how long it should take to credit.


01-03-2007 09:44:48

In case someone is interested in knowing it credited for me next day woot!


01-03-2007 11:50:43

Looks like a good offer, $10 bucks for a shirt.


01-03-2007 16:20:28

[quote6a31fdef3a="topbillin1"]Looks like a good offer, $10 bucks for a shirt.[/quote6a31fdef3a]

$5 FUNK UNLIMITED A little tricky to find but its there


08-03-2007 05:41:57

says $10 for me


14-03-2007 11:22:36

Really it's $4.99 and $1.00 shipping [$5.99] I did it for .I think credit was within 2 or 3 days. Took longer to get the shirt. As a matter of fact my CC company called me at work to make sure I really purchsed it before they charged it.
Don't know why they did that.