Disabling Antivirus, and Spyware

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19-02-2007 16:56:50

I'm new, if I disable anitvirus and spyware won't I be putting my comuter at risk? Or do I just do that when I am signing up at sites?



19-02-2007 17:35:56

I don't know when or why you would disable your antivirus software for any offer. If you don't have access to a site, you lower your internet settings to gain access, then you'll want to put them back up to the regular level when you are in.

Hope that helps, although I'm not sure I understand the question correctly.


20-02-2007 13:05:30

I disable my av and firewall before I do any offer and re-enable them after I complete the offer, nothing wrong with it and it only takes 5 minutes tops...


19-03-2007 20:09:39

I never disable my antivirus and always get credit. I did it when I used Norton Antivirus and I do it now when I use nod32 and always get credit. Those that say antivirus programs block a credit is an idiot


19-03-2007 20:13:08

If your internet connection is secured or shared out over a router, basicly all the vital ports for a attacker/adware company to get into your computer are closed, so temporarily taking of your security apps should'nt be a problem at all, that's if you don't forget to turn em back on that is..

should'nt be nothing to worry about!