xbox360s.freepay what offers are available?

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11-02-2007 14:37:20

Can anyone tell me what offers are there to complete if being referred by someone? I am really running out of offers I have not already completed and I don't want to accept a trade until I am sure there will an offer I can complete. How can I tell? I tried checking out the site, but it doesn't want to tell you until you register, which I don't want to do without a referral to help someone out.


11-02-2007 21:57:20

Freepay has the easiest offers... most likely you will see....

Citi Credit Monitoring - free trial
Gamefly - stay on past one month
Realplayer - free trial
Overnight Genius - free trial $4.87 shipping

You shouldn't have a problem at all...


11-02-2007 22:00:05

You shouldn't have a problem at all...[/quote64fae9ab47]

Yeah right, dude if you can stay away from freepay now adays.

It will take you 6 months to get your gift. DO like a trainn site or a ygf or even 123stuff4free.

Those are your best bets cause they will ship and approve a lot faster and not make you send in a form to get approved.