Best Way to Advertise?

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27-01-2005 12:57:03

Hey everyone, I've heard some people say they had over a hundred yellows. What would you say is the best way to get those people signed up? I have eleven yellow now but I am one greedy bastard!

Thanks and Good Luck Everyone

http/" alt=""/[/imgb834bd03fd]<----Please Sign Up!


27-01-2005 13:00:56

The best way is to remove that referral link before you get banned!

Seriously, the best way is to talk to people you know on the internet or IRL and convince them to sign up under you.


27-01-2005 13:04:27

Haha, How do i remove the link!?



27-01-2005 13:30:14

I have found the best way is just to talk to people you know. All of my referrals that went green were friends and coworkers. After I got my iPOD it was a whole lot easier to get them to sign up again for me on the minimac. I tried other methods like traffic swarm, ebay, and using fliers on my campus and got a few yellows that way, but that was it. Some of my friends signed up for me right away and others said they would but it took a lot of persistence on my part to finally get them to sign up.

how to remove your link[/color5a40d7ea30] log in and view your post and click the graphic labeled "edit" in the right hand corner of your message and then delete the link and click submit.


27-01-2005 13:49:12

I found the best way was to purchase a billboard visible from a major highway in your area.


27-01-2005 14:30:10

too bad they can't copy-paste something they see along the highway...
also you can't hyperlink a billboard

hundreds of yellows is overrated


27-01-2005 21:56:51

Overrated?) I don't think so...