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21-01-2007 12:57:36

my referal link is http// the rules
i am new to this so i dont no how is realy works. if it is wrong to ask for someone for a referal with out giving anything back just let me no...thanks guys!


21-01-2007 13:25:25

welll this is not how it works. No referral links here. You have to post a thread in the trading post (not with your referral link). Then if someone is interested, they will pm you and then you can set up a trade and THEN is when you can give someone your referral link.

If you have any questions feel free to PM me.


21-01-2007 13:49:54

Please read [ud2a2ee0d7a]The Rules[/ud2a2ee0d7a][=http//][ud2a2ee0d7a]The Rules[/ud2a2ee0d7a], [ud2a2ee0d7a]The FAQ[/ud2a2ee0d7a][=http//][ud2a2ee0d7a]The FAQ[/ud2a2ee0d7a], [ud2a2ee0d7a]The Newbies Guide To Trading[/ud2a2ee0d7a][=http//][ud2a2ee0d7a]The Newbies Guide To Trading[/ud2a2ee0d7a] and the [ud2a2ee0d7a]Guidelines & Rules For The Trading Post[/ud2a2ee0d7a][=http//][ud2a2ee0d7a]Guidelines & Rules For The Trading Post[/ud2a2ee0d7a] to familiarise yourself with the site, it's rules and how the Trading System and Trading Post work.

Consistent violation of the rule you have broken , after being warned will result in a 14 day temp-ban. Consider this your first warning.

[quoted2a2ee0d7a="Guidelines & Rules For The Trading Post"][bd2a2ee0d7a]--Posting--[/bd2a2ee0d7a]

[bd2a2ee0d7a]--Referral links--[/bd2a2ee0d7a]

[bd2a2ee0d7a]z.[/bd2a2ee0d7a] Do not post referral links anywhere other than in the trade module or via PMs, and only share them when a trade has been solicited. The no reflink rule includes signatures.


[bd2a2ee0d7a]You may not create another thread in The Trading Post within the next 3 days. Doing so will result in the below temp-ban.[/bd2a2ee0d7a][/colord2a2ee0d7a][/sized2a2ee0d7a]


21-01-2007 13:53:44

how come i cant post in the trading post for 3 days?...and sorry guys! wont happin agien!