Which products needed the 1099?

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30-12-2006 18:09:21


Which Freepay products needed us to fill out the 1099? I can't remember if it was just the iBook or if there were others.

Also, anyone know how I should change my address with Freepay so I can get the 1099s from them? Tax day is nearing and I realized my old mailbox is closed so I will never be able to get it.

If I can't get them, what do I do on my taxes? Just claim the iBook on my tax return without the 1099?



30-12-2006 19:27:18

It's W9, not 1099, and any site that ships a gift or cash payout of $600 or more will collect a W9. Some sites, including Freepay IIRC, have gone to collecting a W9 for any prize (no matter the value) because legally the $600 threshold is [i9fcf6191a8]cumulative[/i9fcf6191a8] for a single year, and not per prize or payout. Networks like Freepay with multiple sites can easily exceed $600 to a single person, even with smaller prizes, so they require a W9 regardless.


21-01-2007 17:55:25

Ah, ok. They are not replying to my tickets about how to change my address - what should I do? Is Jake still around?



27-01-2007 03:45:35

eh, 1099 is for interest, rewards and such. basically used in gambling or the lottery.

i could understand why they ask for the w-9 legally they have to and i dont think they want to be taxed for money they didnt actually get.