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18-12-2006 02:02:32

Unforunately no one has reviewed gametap on and im curious, as i just signed up, how long it usually takes to receive credit for the offers? i like the service already, but i couldnt find it anywhere for if theres a requirement on your subscription time or what.

if anyone knows, id really appreciate the help )


19-12-2006 22:36:57

NO ONE KNOWS??? heh wow


19-12-2006 23:57:48

It should say on the pop-up when you click the offer.


25-12-2006 08:13:36

no it doesnt, unfortunately. all of these freepay offers that i can apply for dont say a thing about the time it takes to get credit


25-12-2006 18:06:18

yes, they all do.. disable your pop-up blocker


19-01-2007 06:59:56

I have waited 9 days. Nothing so far. Sigh!


19-01-2007 10:14:35

I haven't done a Freepay site in awhile, but I remember the credit time being presented in the offer popup. If you're not seeing the popups you might have a popup blocker enabled, which also might be affecting your credit ability.

If that's the case here, then it really illustrates a good example of why new folks should do a little homework before diving into freebies head first. One of the cardinal rules of freebie business is that you [b244f74e242]must allow ALL cookies and ALL popups when signing up and completing offers.[/b244f74e242]

There's been way too many cases lately of newbies duplicating offers, creating multiple signups, and complaining of not getting credit -- all of which could be avoided for the most part if they just familiarized themselves with how things work (primarily just by reading the Terms of each site, which usually point out all of these).


19-01-2007 10:21:49

The GameTap pop-up for me says

"Sign up for Gametap's 99 cent membership using a valid credit card. You must maintain membership for at least one month to receive credit."