Does Freepay still suck?

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12-12-2006 23:52:03

Been out of the loop ever since i got giftcards after last years 360 fiasco.

Does this company suck harder than before or are they getting better?


13-12-2006 00:19:12

They are one of the best


13-12-2006 11:35:43



01-01-2007 12:56:14

They're alright I guess, you'll get your gift if you keep bugging them. I needed to file a complaint to the BBB in order to get my iPod.


03-01-2007 22:45:59

I got a 30GB iPod and a CyberPower desktop PC from them within the past 6 months. They were for things I'd originally completed around the original deadline of that 90 day policy. I never filed a BBB complaint, and didn't hassle them much (I sent in one support ticket near the end).

All in all, I feel safer with Freepay than I do with some of the fly-by-night operators that open these sites from their houses... but it does take some time. What will be really interesting is to see how the "new" Freepay handles totally new site completions now that they appear to be trying to do better. I am going to sign up for my first Freepay site in a while (since i got my stuff) and see what happens.



03-01-2007 22:59:34

I used to feel exactly the same way. However the issue of having to complete within a certain time frame can be a real deal killer on high ref sites.

Getting a iPod isn't that difficult, at least it didn't use to be. You might still be able to get away with getting one without trading. However high ref amount items like LCDs and laptops are quite difficult without spending. (Either in doing offers in trades, or just buying refs)

I used to tout OC as the main competitor, but dealing with getting the last few refs to do OOD offers is pretty painful.

Although I don't speak from experience, TRAINN has a reputation too good to ignore. If they, or some of the other highly rated networks have want you want, I'd say try them first. At least until another revolution takes place at Gratis.