Freepay sends spam?

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Crouching Tiger Hidden Ga

21-11-2006 12:58:34

I looked freepay up with and it says that freepay sends 17 spammy emails per month?!?


21-11-2006 13:10:41

While that might be indicative of what they did back in the day, I did notice a big influx of spam lately on the account I use for Gratis, and it happened after a, yet still unresolved, support ticket being filed.


27-11-2006 15:30:25

I'm actually pretty interested in this. I'm new here, and was actually looking for information about Gratis spam.

Is anyone else getting a lot of stuff?


27-11-2006 15:55:24

Bottom line is -- and I keep wondering why people are suprised about it -- if you're going to do freebie sites and complete offers, you're GOING to get spammed. That's why free Gmail addresses come in handy. Whether Freepay (or any other free site) spams you or not, you are liguaranteedli to be spammed once you start signing up for offers. That's always been a given. I rotate between 2 different GMail addresses, fronted by several e-mail forwards on one of my domains (I've gotten in the habit of making a new e-mail address for every new site I do), and both have about 17,000 spam in the spam folder.

As far as Freepay themselves mailing out Freepay-related spam, I'd say that's false. The only e-mails I ever get from Freepay are when refs signup and complete offers, or account-specific e-mails.