referral went green after my account expired

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17-11-2006 07:06:22

A friend of mine had signed up under me well before the 90 day expiration. She had trouble getting her credit. She eventually did get it but after my 90 days. I was just talking to her and she had actually received her gift fairly quickly. My question is, shouldn't I still get the green for her? i mean she signed up before I went 90 days, and she was the last referral I needed. Any help?


17-11-2006 07:09:27

Yes. In fact, if all your yellows went green, you could complete the site. (IIRC)


17-11-2006 07:13:48

It is not green on my list but i referred her. should i just contact them by support ticket?


17-11-2006 07:20:02

Is there someone that I can contact via AIM?

unknown uchiha

17-11-2006 07:39:44

Your posts have a seven minute difference... learn the wonders of the edit button roll

No, Freepay does not offer AIM support. They're an legit "corporation" type company. They used to have Jake, a Freepay rep, on these sites, but he no longer works for the company. Also, they do not have phone support. Your only choice is to open a support ticket.


17-11-2006 07:49:25

[quote4ad397ab1e="Twon"]It is not green on my list but i referred her. should i just contact them by support ticket?[/quote4ad397ab1e]

So, she NEVER was on your list? Not even as a yellow before your account expired?

If she was, then you "might" have ground to stand on in asking for a manual credit, but it's pointless, unless you were one ref from completing.

However, if she used you link AFTER your account expired, then no, you don't get credit for that. Only those who signed up before the expiration of the account, are your refs. If they somehow go green after the expiration, then you get credit for them, and ONLY then.

These were the words of Jake. Hallowed be his name... ;)


17-11-2006 08:05:14

Yes she was on my list before expirey but she said it took her almost 2 months to get credit for her offer. She said she had all her referrals before she got credit. By that time my account had expired.


17-11-2006 08:11:40

Then if her ref really matters to you, you should file a ticket on that account. You should still be able to login to it.


17-11-2006 08:15:14

[quote8ffc2860f3="Tholek"]Then if her ref really matters to you, you should file a ticket on that account. You should still be able to login to it.[/quote8ffc2860f3]

Just did. Thanks for your help Tholek.

unknown uchiha

17-11-2006 08:16:39

Hopefully you get an extension.


17-11-2006 08:19:16

Ya I hope so too. I haven't even thought about that account in a few months. I am glad I talked to that chick again.


17-11-2006 08:24:39

[quote97323b1e63="unknown uchiha"]Hopefully you get an extension.[/quote97323b1e63]

If they confirm she's his ref, he wont need one. They'll just approve him.

Good luck. )


20-11-2006 14:18:46

Didn't work. they said my account was on hold??? Strange. I wasn't on hold up until the day it expired. Oh well. Guess I got the shaft from them. At least I didn't have to pay for the referrals.


21-11-2006 11:47:37

Odd. I'd ask for the specific reason in another ticket. Not that I expect they'll actually tell you, but I'd ask anyhow.

Did that last ref go on hold too?


21-11-2006 16:18:54

Keep asking why you are on hold until they tell you. Make sure to be very nice in the support tickets you send.


21-11-2006 16:53:25

They said that if I continued to request info on the topic they would delete my account... Like I care. I can't do anything with it anymore anyways.


21-11-2006 17:17:20

Jesus... shock


22-11-2006 16:52:26

Ya.... Great customer service.


23-11-2006 16:45:55

I guess they thought I had more than one account with them... Funny how they never mentioned that to me before the expiration date. I think they are just making things up now. Oh well, i don't care. I wouldn't do anymore of their sites anyways. Time limit sucks.

[quote3b8ae60256="Freepay"]"Thank you for contacting FreePay Customer Service. We have reviewed your account and the accounts of your referrals. Your account was placed on hold because there are distinct patterns of information noticeable among these accounts. These similarities are almost exclusively present in fraudulent or double accounts. We suspect that one person created and managed all of these accounts; at the very least, someone gave assistance at the time of registration or offer completion. Both of these actions are violations of our Terms & Conditions, as we must provide unique, quality leads to our advertising partners. For this reason, your account will remain on hold status."[/quote3b8ae60256]