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04-11-2006 15:12:09

Ok, we are coming to the TWO YEAR MARK here... and I STILL dont have an 80gb video ipod....

A month and a half ago I finally got a package from freepay, w00t! I think heres my 80gb video ipod... Oh but no. I open the box to find a 30gb one...

So I have been waiting over a month now to get the correct ipod. I have called and have been told that the manager has my case, I have opened support tickets and been told the same thing.

Finally, I opened another one, this is what I get.


When is customer service going to contact me to ship me the correct ipod.... Its been a week since your last reply.

Freepay auto reply

We have received your inquiry and will respond via a reply post in your account as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience. Sincerely, The FreePay Automated Response Team


Thanks for contacting FreePay Customer Service. We have forwarded your inquiry to our Fulfillment Department. We apologize for the extended delay. Sincerely, The FreePay Customer Service Team For exciting FreePay news and tips please visit our blog at http//

HOW THE HELL does that help me?? I dont give 2 spurts of piss about their blogspot... I want my 80gb damn video ipod.

Dosnt look like im going to get it. I have done EVERYTHING excpet draw legal action or go and murder everyone at freepay along with their children and family.



04-11-2006 15:36:06

You're not alone in this. (


06-11-2006 13:41:56

Thats a shame

Down with FREEPAY!!


06-11-2006 18:06:57



12-11-2006 10:47:41

Wow...i'm glad i got everything out of freepay, that they owed me....


28-11-2006 14:45:01

Well, here's a funny thing for you...

I was basically in your boat. I waited a long time (ok, not two years, but several months) for a 60gig iPod, and then I get a 30gig and an email apology from freepay. "Oh well," I think, "It's not worth the trouble to try and get the 60gig." End of story, right?

Then, very recently... an 80gig iPod comes in the mail! I now have _two_ iPods for the price of free... Hopefully freepay will do the same for you.