Question About the Shipping Process

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01-11-2006 18:33:23


I finished all my requirements, and my order says 'Estimated ship date 11/18/06'. Does this mean that I have already gone STV? Or do I still have to go to STV then to the shipping phase? I've been waiting since 10/5/06.

Can't wait to get my iPod ).


01-11-2006 19:54:28

Think you already were STV, lucky u


02-11-2006 14:20:24

That doesnt mean it is definite shipping time

I actually had mine shipped 3 days earlier then the EST D


02-11-2006 16:21:57

My EST was Nov 23 and I got my Xbox 360 today (the 2nd!)



02-11-2006 17:21:48

Awesome ). Maybe I'll see it earlier than I expected?

Thanks for replying.


02-11-2006 17:28:44

Let's see... I've been waiting for my iPod Shuffle since March of 2006.

I was moved from Processing to STV in May... Then moved back to Processing in June and just recently got moved back to STV in October and the "Estimated Ship Date" still says October 22nd and I'm still STV.

I've been waiting for my gift for 8 months and have opened 3 trouble tickets that just got me the generic "Wait a little bit longer" response. I didn't think Shuffles were in such high demand roll


02-11-2006 18:37:54

No its because freepay is just plain awful
Glad I was only involved with one of their sites. The wait drives me crazy


06-11-2006 11:20:55

I was told that my wait was because their vendor did not have it (PS2 in my case) in stock. Funny, they finally shipped it out from Amazon last week. I didn't know Amazon was out of PS2s for months...