FreePay Is A Cock Tease!

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25-10-2006 15:56:02

I already dealt with the fact that I had to wait months until i get my xbox 360... but changing my status to 'Sent to Vendor, Estimated Ship Date 10/21/2006' and fken not doing it is CRUEL... I pray for a special spot in hell for FreePay...


25-10-2006 16:00:58

Heh, my Flatscreens account says "Sent to Vendor, Estimated Ship Date 9/23/2006" so don't feel too bad. ;)


25-10-2006 16:02:23

[quotefd4c417c51="dmorris68"]Heh, my Flatscreens account says "Sent to Vendor, Estimated Ship Date 9/23/2006" so don't feel too bad. ;)[/quotefd4c417c51]

... I just needed to vent... Been waiting for almost 7 months now


25-10-2006 19:27:50

Well, just feel lucky they sent you what you were supposed to get in the first place. Assuming you get it, of course. ;)


25-10-2006 21:13:48

My 360 is Est. 10/6... today is now 10/26....


26-10-2006 10:55:50

OUCH,my ps3 status says "depending on product availability", now that is CRUEL


26-10-2006 11:25:32

[quote90cea180b5="bizzle"]My 360 is Est. 10/6... today is now 10/26....[/quote90cea180b5]

umm did you email them


28-10-2006 14:55:00

My premiumipod said STV estimated ship date 11/21/06.
I checked it today and it says 'Shipped! 11/21/06!'
I clicked more info and they gave me tracking, it's coming on Monday!
Woot! They're liars but in a good way!


31-10-2006 12:00:39

Now they say it was ordered but the vendor has it on backorder... there are 360s at Walmart!


01-11-2006 19:05:16

Well... FREEPAY has shipped my item... I got a tracking number today...

I won't take back my comment though... I still think they are cock teases


01-11-2006 22:04:33

I was 10/6 and your shipped?!!! What the?!!! Argggh


01-11-2006 23:00:05

[quote42f00d6c13="mpbollywoodking"]OUCH,my ps3 status says "depending on product availability", now that is CRUEL[/quote42f00d6c13]

yes it is mine says the same thing. I sent them a support ticket and asked if I could get a GC if Im not gonna get the system until 2009, they didnt think that was funny and closed it.


02-11-2006 06:01:23

[quotea5f1034e91="bizzle"]I was 10/6 and your shipped?!!! What the?!!! Argggh[/quotea5f1034e91]

yeah... yesterday around 5pm it shipped...


03-11-2006 13:30:09

I got my 360 and 5.5 30gb about a month ago. Finally.


04-11-2006 18:17:23

10/6 and nothing. Freepay replied and asked me to be patient... SMH


06-11-2006 23:38:20



07-11-2006 12:44:08

Well, I finally got a response to my support ticket, where I expressed my concerns about both the delay in shipping AND the devaluation of my monitor (was a $400 monitor at the time I did the site, now is barely worth $250). I hinted that I would prefer a $400 GC in lieu. Today I get this reponse

11/7/2006 121918 PM
customer service wrote

Thank you for contacting FreePay Customer Service. We will be sending you a 400 $ gift certificate via email within the next couple of days. Sincerely, The FreePay Customer Service Team For exciting FreePay news and tips please visit our blog at http//[/quoteb11aa15c85]

Yay, now I can still get a decent flatscreen to replace my last CRT liandli have some left over to get something nice. Maybe do some early Xmas shopping. )


08-11-2006 14:10:28

Wow.....I'm betting that the model was no longer available though. It's hard to imagine them doing that if they could ship it to you.


08-11-2006 14:17:16

Oh, the Samsung 940b is still quite available. Maybe not from their regular suppliers, though. It could also be that they recognize 8 refs for a (now) $250 prize is a rip-off and they would catch even more hell for it. I'm not the first that got this, another user posted getting the $400 cert after going through the AG or BBB or something. I didn't want to threaten them, but I specifically used the mention of a $400 cert, knowing they had done it before. I don't know if they were planning to do it anyway, or if they just caved to my request. I would suggest anybody else waiting for a monitor from them to do the same. Don't go saying "so-and-so said you're sending them a $400 cert!" Just make the point that shipping has been delayed so long now that the gift is no longer worth 8 referrals, so do they plan on shipping updated monitors or would they consider a gift cert in lieu. That's how I worded my ticket, and it seemed like it might have worked. shrug


08-11-2006 16:06:50

I see a few 940s on PCMall, although not specifically a "940b". If one of the ones they do have was what they were gonna send, and it was in stock, then I'd be even more surprised at the cert.

I guess phrasing means everything. (


08-11-2006 18:49:09

PCMall only has a 940t as far as I can tell. The 940t has a higher-end 8-bit panel with higher contrast ratio. The 940b IIRC is a 6-bit panel.


Edit Now I see a 940BX at PCMall, which has the same 10001 ration as the 940t. The BX is a 5ms panel, almost certainly 6-bit at that speed unless there are some new, cheap 8-bit panels that fast. The 940t probably has a slower 8-bit panel in the 8-16ms range (which I would actually prefer to a faster 6-bit panel).