Tracking Number?

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23-10-2006 19:44:57

My ipod recently went to a status of shipping last week, but even after a few days there is no tracking number posted. All I get is "Shipped (APY1218xxx)", which doesn't seem to match to any sort of CanadaPost tracking number or reference number.
Does freepay post tracking numbers for Canadian orders still?


24-10-2006 11:52:02

Is that a postal code or somthing? Interesting enough, my status changed to "Status - Sent to Vendor, Estimated Ship Date" a few days ago and it didn't state any date! Hopefully, my Ipod ships soons too!

EDIT Oh and I forgot to say, when my ipod nanos shipped, it did have the tracking number there.


24-10-2006 12:08:51

I opened a support ticket yesterday asking why I don't have a date after "Estimated Ship Date". I'll let you know what they say when/if they get back to me.


24-10-2006 12:15:10

[quote64ebf9b1f7="kala"]Is that a postal code or somthing?[/quote64ebf9b1f7]
Nope, not even close. I'm not sure what the number is for so I blocked out the last few numbers just in case. It's been "Shipped" since Thursday, oh well, if it really was shipped that day it should arrive around the end of the week.


25-10-2006 08:55:30

YAY! So that really was a tracking number... Purolator, not Canada Post. Funny how I checked all the other shippers EXCEPT Purolator.
Anyway, got a call from them saying they failed to deliver it yesterday (no notice was left though). Gonna go pick it up at lunch or after work.
Finally, my first freebie has arrived!


28-10-2006 18:10:02

Congrats! I was shocked to see my ipod shipped as well! It said 'Estimated ship date 11/21/06' and I checked today, it said 'Shipped 11/21/06' and there was a tracking number! LOL

So it was a typo I guess, I checked tracking and it's coming monday )