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15-01-2005 19:25:15

I'm signing up from my college dorm. I was wondering if i'd be put on hold if one of my hallmates signed up as one of my referrals, even though he has a different shipping address?
I'm concerned because of the IP address issue.



15-01-2005 19:41:01

you will problably get placed on hold. Gratis seems pretty strict about the whole address deal, so even if the address is remotely similar (difference being in the apt number), you will get screwed. same if the IPs look closely similar.


15-01-2005 22:01:28

You should be fine, my suitemate (1 ip digit away from my own) was a referral and went through fine. Their IP flagging is only pertinent to EXACT matches


16-01-2005 08:32:41

My suitemate and I were both put on hold, but we e-mailed Gratis and were taken off within a few days.


16-01-2005 09:44:04

Perhaps I'm just luckier than you )