If my referral.......

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15-01-2005 16:51:05

If my referral already did an offer(he did bargain.com), can he do an instant one such as video professor so I can get credit tonight?


15-01-2005 17:21:10

Yah, sometimes instants are instant. I did Great Fun and it wasn't instant. It doesn't matter if you do more than one offer, Gratis would infact want you too, more money for them.


15-01-2005 20:02:55

I just don't want to wait a whole week long just to start my request for approval, when he could have just done an instant offer.


15-01-2005 22:04:36

They won't even begin the approval process on your account until Monday...as far as I know.


15-01-2005 22:16:31

It would still be nicer. How long does it take after you are approved to get processed and STV and shipped on average?


15-01-2005 22:34:52

Atleast 2 weeks, I'd say 2-3


15-01-2005 22:35:45

Oh great. So at tops I'll be about a month.


15-01-2005 22:37:07

I waited about a month for mine, Not too bad. D


15-01-2005 22:38:08

I really need this guy to do video professor.


17-01-2005 08:35:37

So if my last (fingers crossed) referral did PeoplePC and has been waiting a week to get credit, can I ask her to do another offer, but an instant one, on the same account with the same address and CC and everything? So she'll do two, I'll just get credit for her faster?