wow, I got my ipod Nano from freepay! 8GB BLACK

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13-10-2006 12:28:37

After a questionable TOS change, several support tickets, a mailed in approval form, and processing since May of this year, freepay has finally come through with my free ipod nano!

A few days ago my order status was a "scheduled to ship" for a date in [b750e3ce853]November[/b750e3ce853] somtime.

I also got an email asking me which color I wanted of the new nanos. I picked black like my original choice, not knowing if I'd get an "old" nano or the new black nanos that only come in 8GB...

Today, I received the black 8GB nano!

Happy Friday the 13th to me )

http/" alt=""/"165/3362/rodneysfreeipodnanoyayhr7.jpg[" alt=""/img750e3ce853]


15-10-2006 20:05:31

It's about time! P