Woohoo! Processing! How long now?

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11-10-2006 17:45:03

Yay! My order is processing! Anyone know how long it can take before it (iPod) ships?


11-10-2006 17:51:26

Could be a month.


11-10-2006 17:54:39

Or more. Took me 3 months on flatscreens to go from Processing to STV, where it has been now for almost another month.


11-10-2006 18:33:25

thats exactly how i felt when i went to processing....

then i waited...

and waited

and waited

and went STV about 3 months later

and now im waiting again...

hope your situation turns out better


11-10-2006 19:07:50

Wow, thats a real drag...

At least I have a timeframe to look at I guess?


11-10-2006 19:19:41

look at the brightside...freepay is a little better than what it was 5 months ago, so maybe you won't start collecting social security by the time the ipod comes


12-10-2006 07:57:54

[quote871731c6d3="tamzarian"]Yay! My order is processing! Anyone know how long it can take before it (iPod) ships?[/quote871731c6d3]
Well, I've been processing for just over a month now (since 20060906). Even though freepay has been looking better over the past month or so, I still fully expect it to take a couple more months before I receive anything from them.


12-10-2006 12:45:09

I guess I don't mind waiting a little while, just not for many months. Anything over two months is too much for me!


18-10-2006 07:38:02

I just checked my ipods.freepay account this morning, and it now says "Estimated Ship Date 11/23/2006". A week to be approved and almost a month and half of processing. I expect this to change to STV in the next few days.

So if the ESD is to be believed, 2 and half months is what you are looking at.


18-10-2006 10:25:26

I went processing 9/23
STV on 10/17

for premium ipods


19-10-2006 17:19:39

UPDATE It's got an estimated ship date! I guess I have a rough answer now? So, I got confirmed on 10/5/06, and the ship date (estimated) is 11/18/06. Not a bad deal!

Thanks for everyone who replied ).


19-10-2006 17:36:34

I've got the exact same thing on the 360 site!!!!