Trading Up

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09-10-2006 15:59:44

So I got my 30Gb Ipod, I already opened that package that held the earbuds and USB cable but before I started to fill up the iPod I thought "hmm, maybe I want the 80Gb version". So I heard some people are able to just go to an Apple store and ask if they can get store credit for the one they have and pay the difference for the 80Gb one. My question is has anyone done this? What do you say to the sales clerk? Am I out of luck because I opened the package that held the earbuds/USB (yet I never took them out of their individual plastic wrap".


09-10-2006 16:29:46

If you openned it already, I don't think you'll be able to trade it in.


09-10-2006 16:34:48

Gotta be a brand new sealed iPod


09-10-2006 17:02:40

Well that sucks, I guess I'll ebay it and just go buy the 80gig one.

Or just be happy with free 30gig one that is still pretty fing sweet.


10-10-2006 10:50:02

fewer and fewer apple stores allow trading up yeah...ebay it (or if walmart sells the 80gb ...maybe you could trade for store credit).