Is what Jake said still true about re-signing up?

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08-10-2006 14:46:16

Don't get your knickers in a twist. ;)

I'm [i56dba867ce]only[/i56dba867ce] referring to what Jake once said about being able to sign up for a site once again, [b56dba867ce]provided[/b56dba867ce] that you [b56dba867ce]didn't[/b56dba867ce] do an offer on the original account, and [b56dba867ce]didn't[/b56dba867ce] get any greens. (or was it [i56dba867ce]any[/i56dba867ce] signups at all?) ?

I'm wondering if it's all moot now since the change at Gratis, and the rebranding as Freepay, but I never read whether that's so. I'd like to know.


09-10-2006 06:22:44

no, you had to contact customer service to get off hold when that happened, and they always would let you off, but now....


09-10-2006 06:26:58

Are you saying he said people should re-sign, and if they go on hold, to file a ticket? That sounds rather dangerous. I thought he mentioned something different.


09-10-2006 07:12:23

I'm pretty sure if you signed up and didn't complete an offer on your old account or get any greens...then you could resign up


09-10-2006 07:16:01

That's what I was thinking, but that was when Jake was here. Things have changed since then. Plus, was it any signups at all, or just greens?


09-10-2006 08:43:04

I remember what he said, but I don't know whether that still applies. I took advantage of it when he said we could.