Holy Crap! I got my Ipod!!!

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06-10-2006 15:42:37

Dear god. I never thought I'd get it before the new year. I've been waiting since 5/31. Thats the day Free pay got my approval form. After several CS Tickets I got my Ipod. I was almost about to file a complaint against freepay with the BBB since a lot of people suggested that was the reason they got their free gift. The only question I have is what Gen. is this ipod?

http/" alt=""/img147.imageshack.us/img="147/8099" alt=""/img0221pz9.jpg[/imga340c2fe38]

[img="a340c2fe38]http/" alt=""/img176.imageshack.us/img="176/2130" alt=""/img0216kp6.jpg[/imga340c2fe38]


06-10-2006 16:40:27

Congrats. )


06-10-2006 21:04:06

Sweet, looks like the new one also (the packaging has the pirates video on it, which is only on the new ipods)


06-10-2006 23:38:04

real cool congrats dude! what site was this for anyways? because, premiumipods is shipping the 80GIG ipod


07-10-2006 07:32:40

It was original free Ipod site.


07-10-2006 07:56:21

Mine came yesterday! From PC Mall aswell. Now where is my "I heart freeipods" tshirt?!!?!


07-10-2006 11:40:02

Photoshop + T-shirt iron on transfers + Cheap white tee = I heart FreeiPods tshirt.

Edit maybe if we all post on the freepay blog asking for t-shirts, they'll reprint them.


07-10-2006 11:46:36

If anyone wants a freeipods tshirt they can buy one from me. http//forum.freeipodguide.com/smilies_mod/upload/4bc560e8292f0877cd108f9a970fe4bf.gif[" alt=""/img35eeb70ab9]


08-10-2006 00:26:27

Congrats, pretty sure its 5th gen.