After 7 months of wait... iPod SHUFFLE estimated ship 10/22

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03-10-2006 18:53:57

I was in Processing for 2 months... Sent To Vendor for 1 month... and back to Processing again for 4 months... But I checked my status today and it says [quote65a545901c]Status - Estimated Ship Date 10/22/2006[/quote65a545901c]... Good news I suppose... But I still don't trust FreePay, they were never this bad.. This whole situation makes the whole STV epidemic when FreeiPods launched look like nothing... It never took anyone this long to get something that isn't in demand. At least I'll get the new one. I'm not even sure if I want to sell it anymore, I won't get anything big from it... Maybe $50 tops.

Is anyone else getting an estimate ship date for Shuffles?


06-10-2006 13:20:16

i had one but i cancelled the order to wait for teh new ones

if i reorder, will i get the new one?


08-10-2006 00:27:18

Why even bother with a shuffle?


08-10-2006 09:33:47

[quote176fea48e0="weez"]Why even bother with a shuffle?[/quote176fea48e0]

So someone could order it and you could increase your post count with this question.

3 refs for a gig of music is a deal.