STV Vs. Estimated Shipping Time

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02-10-2006 08:31:31

On about 9/22 my order had an estimated shipping time of 10/23/06

Then on 9/27 it was STV, Waiting on product.

Does this mean there is any chance I will get my order shipped earlier then the original estimated date?


02-10-2006 10:59:35

How does one obtain their estimated shipping date/time?


02-10-2006 11:08:41

mine was in where your order information was for a couple of days before it went to STV and now it doesnt show it anymore

anyone know if this means i will be getting my ipod earlier?


06-10-2006 10:08:04

i'm in the same exact boat that you're in. i had an est. ship date of 10.16, but a couple days later it was Sent to Vendor. i'm just anxiously waiting!


06-10-2006 12:25:36

i had an estimated ship date of 11/8 and then yesterday i was STV and then today im not shipped and fedex says it should be here 10/16