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28-09-2006 20:24:40

My account has recently gone STV...Waiting on product.

I want to know how long it took for people here for it to go from STV to when they received their item


STV (date)
Shipped (date)
Received (date)


28-09-2006 20:38:58

well back in begining of sept i went estimated ship 9/23 then on like the 24 or 25th i went stv....still waiting for the shipped on PCS


28-09-2006 20:49:50

waiting on pcs too.. i think i went stv even before that 9/23 date.. the 9/23 estimated ship date was on there then it went stv. they are lying.. once again.


28-09-2006 21:16:57

yea i am in the same situation with PCS they talking about they take longer to make an wait till the end of the week


29-09-2006 08:58:52

Once I went STV it actually took 7 business days to ship which is the amount of time they quote. It only took 3 days to get to my house.


29-09-2006 09:23:38

ive been waiting since march for my cyberpower my stv date has changed twice now it sucks but all you can do is wait


29-09-2006 10:04:22

Mine is STV waiting on product. I once had an estimated ship date of 9/24, but it has changed multiple times. Hopefully, it will come soon.


29-09-2006 10:36:29

I have been stv for 3 freepay site for about a month now (


29-09-2006 15:15:54

this is bullshit.. i hope my BBB form gets them moving.. i sent it in before all the estimated ship date/stv crap.


01-10-2006 14:17:18

When I went stv on xbxo 360 it took about 30 days for me to actually recieve my gift


03-10-2006 20:39:42

My iPod nanos accounts changed to STV on Monday 10/2/06 and I received both today via PC Mall.

I was processing since 6/16/06.


03-10-2006 21:30:10

my PC just showed up as shipped today (was actually shipped yesterday)....tracking number says 34 pounds...thats one heavy computer.


04-10-2006 00:18:13

I'm just glad I got my Dell when I did.


08-10-2006 00:28:55

9 days