Another BBB question

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27-09-2006 18:41:02

This isn't a question for filing against FreePay. I thought I'd ask here tho since so many people filed against them.

I'm having a problem with http// I've signed up for 6 offers and have only received credit for 2. They basically said I was shait out of luck there was nothing they could do. I even have proof that I signed up. All I need is one credit and I can get what I want. There's absolutely nothing more I can do. I cant even try to sign up for another offer if I wanted to. I lost money signing up for these sites thinking that I would get something out of it. Now speedyfreebies wont honor thier part of the deal.

They close the begining of October. So I don't have long to get this resolved or at least started.

Can I file a complaint against them? And if so how do I do that? How do I find out the sites information? all I know if their email address.