so wait one second there pal. NANO SELECTION

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27-09-2006 17:41:40

freepay sent me the email regarding which color NANO to pick.

[quote3791432b2a]Dear Customer

Our records indicate that you have ordered an Ipod Nano. As you probably already know, the new and improved Nano was released a few days ago. We are offering you an upgrade at no extra charge, and rest assured that this change will not further delay your order. All we need is for you to pick from any of the 5 new colors and reply to this email with your selection. If we do not receive a reply from you, we will go ahead and ship out the Nano that you had originally selected.

Once we receive confirmation, we will place your order immediately. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.


The FreePay Customer Service Team

P.S. Please provide your User ID and your Order number in your reply email.

Since they said 5 new colors. If i pick black, does that mean that I will get the 8gb, since black only comes in 8gb. hmm.........


27-09-2006 18:59:30

They'll send you a refurb old one (

Go pink!

unknown uchiha

27-09-2006 19:14:05

Well, you DID complete five referrals right? Five referrals = $249-$299 payout so you could go for black if you wanted.


27-09-2006 19:41:48

just say black 8gb


28-09-2006 07:09:32

[quote014263fa39="jy3"]just say black 8gb[/quote014263fa39]
Very good idea. wink


02-10-2006 11:42:13

when did you get this email?

I'm processing on nanos as well (for months)


02-10-2006 14:37:01

ive been processing for about 2 months solid, and got this email about 1 week ago.

But now its got an estimated ship date of 10/22

but its weird, it had an estimated ship date before they asked me the color.


03-10-2006 18:56:00

good news,

I just went STV.

Ill keep u guys updated on the color i get.


03-10-2006 19:08:34

I got the same email today and asked for a black. they said that my estimated ship date is 11/8. WTF!


03-10-2006 19:20:06

I just got the email today (after sending in a support ticket and getting a response that I'd be getting the black).

My estimated ship date is 11/8 like hedwig


10-10-2006 17:05:01

black 8gb delivRD



14-10-2006 22:05:27