Received Core Duo 1.66 GHz Mac mini!

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25-09-2006 20:49:09

My Mac mini was shipped on Thursday last week and I received it today. To my pleasent surprise it is the newly updated 1.66 GHz Core Duo model. So I guess in some ways it pays to wait for months and months and MONTHS.

I was planning on taking it to the Apple store to see if I could exchange/upgrade it to the new version, but luckily I don't have to. At least Freepay did the right thing in my case. Has anyone else received their Mac minis? Did you get the new Core Duo model or the old Core Solo model?


25-09-2006 23:14:33

Congrats, I actually got an update myself today.

[quote8301927e66]Status - Estimated Ship Date 10/21/2006[/quote8301927e66]

After all the bull shit they're finally pulling through. But I'm not giving up my hopes just yet.


26-09-2006 08:45:22

I picked mine up from UPS yesterday, and a referral/friend of mine also got his delivered from UPS yesterday. Both of us received the 1.66 Core Duo's.

These are very very sweet.

In my particular case, I'm glad I'm just now receiving this even though I started the site back in Jan '05.

Now, in a year or so, when quad-core intel chips are affordable, I have a very very nice upgrade path.


26-09-2006 08:47:03

Any pictures?


26-09-2006 13:17:00

I get mine tomorrow. I also have a Core 2 Duo T7200 Merom coming in, 2GB DDR2 667, and a 100GB 7200rpm HD P I figured since I got the thing free I might as well make it super badass.

Then.. once I do that I'm gonna dual boot os x / gentoo, and run windows through parallels. weee