Next STV date?

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11-01-2005 17:19:26

Wow...FFS forum's been kinda quiet lately...

who here is processing and waiting for the next STV date?

It seems to be about once a month I'm guessing 1/20 we'll all go STV...

lets hope so!

(yes, i know there isn't much of a point in this post...but hey, i got my ipod and i miss posting on the forums...heehehe)


11-01-2005 18:42:41

i hope i'll be there soon.

currently 6/8 )


11-01-2005 22:25:14

8 for FFS seems like so much more than the FIP 5....

maybe its cause its harder to get people to want a free TV/LCD as opposed to getting a free iPod...damn iPod hype...heehe


12-01-2005 13:57:52

Well, I am in processing since 1/8, so hopefully I will hear something soon. I had been on hold before for referrals not being unique, so I got 2 more, so I hope it works! I wonder how long the estimated ship time is?

It wasn't so bad to get 8 for the t.v, now I want the Ipod, and apparently I jumped on the bandwagon to late - I can't get people to sign up! Same goes for the desktop and handbag. It seems to have lost its appeal I guess. ?? Running out of ideas to get users to sign up.


13-01-2005 02:55:23

do offercentric sitse like mp3players4free or jt & cooper sites (tech4free) - they also have ipods for 5 refs, and not as many people signed up.

or PM me if you would like to help me out )